Virtual Issue: Open Access week 2015

 October 2015
To coincide with the 8th Annual International Open Access Week we are delighted to bring together all open access papers published in the Journal of Applied Ecology in 2015. All five British Ecological Society Journals have produced a Virtual Issue for Open Access Week 2015. Please click on the issue covers below to read the Virtual Issues. All of these papers have been published through the Online Open programme. Members of the British Ecological Society are offered a 25% discount towards the cost of the Online Open scheme.



Riparian reserves within oil palm plantations conserve logged forest leaf litter ant communities and maintain associated scavenging rates
Claudia L. Gray, Owen T. Lewis, Arthur Y. C. Chung and Tom M. Fayle

Managing breaches of containment and eradication of invasive plant populations
Cameron S. Fletcher, David A. Westcott, Helen T. Murphy, Anthony C. Grice and John R. Clarkson

REVIEW: Emerging viral disease risk to pollinating insects: ecological, evolutionary and anthropogenic factors
Robyn Manley, Mike Boots and Lena Wilfert

Reconciling timber extraction with biodiversity conservation in tropical forests using reduced-impact logging
Jake E. Bicknell, Matthew J. Struebig and Zoe G. Davies

Interview-based sighting histories can inform regional conservation prioritization for highly threatened cryptic species
Samuel T. Turvey, Cao Tien Trung, Vo Dai Quyet, Hoang Van Nhu, Do Van Thoai, Vo Cong Anh Tuan, Dang Thi Hoa, Kouvang Kacha, Thongsay Sysomphone, Sousakhone Wallate, Chau Thi Thanh Hai, Nguyen Van Thanh and Nicholas M. Wilkinson

Competition on the range: science vs. perception in a bison–cattle conflict in the western USA
Dustin H. Ranglack, Susan Durham and Johan T. du Toit

REVIEW: Towards a risk register for natural capital
Georgina M. Mace, Rosemary S. Hails, Philip Cryle, Julian Harlow and Stewart J. Clarke

Developing and enhancing biodiversity monitoring programmes: a collaborative assessment of priorities
Michael J. O. Pocock, Stuart E. Newson, Ian G. Henderson, Jodey Peyton, William J. Sutherland, David G. Noble, Stuart G. Ball, Björn C. Beckmann, Jeremy Biggs, Tom Brereton, David J. Bullock, Stephen T. Buckland, Mike Edwards, Mark A. Eaton, Martin C. Harvey, Mark O. Hill, Martin Horlock, David S. Hubble, Angela M. Julian, Edward C. Mackey, Darren J. Mann, Matthew J. Marshall, Jolyon M. Medlock, Elaine M. O'Mahony, Marina Pacheco, Keith Porter, Steve Prentice, Deborah A. Procter, Helen E. Roy, Sue E. Southway, Chris R. Shortall, Alan J. A. Stewart, David E. Wembridge, Mark A. Wright and David B. Roy

PRACTITIONER'S PERSPECTIVE: Co-creation of individual-based models by practitioners and modellers to inform environmental decision-making
Kevin A. Wood, Richard A. Stillman and John D. Goss-Custard

Ark or park: the need to predict relative effectiveness of ex situ and in situ conservation before attempting captive breeding
Paul M. Dolman, Nigel J. Collar, Keith M. Scotland and Robert. J. Burnside

Identifying effective actions to guide volunteer-based and nationwide conservation efforts for a ground-nesting farmland bird
Andrea Santangeli, Beatriz Arroyo, Alexandre Millon and Vincent Bretagnolle

Enhancing gardens as habitats for flower-visiting aerial insects (pollinators): should we plant native or exotic species?
Andrew Salisbury, James Armitage, Helen Bostock, Joe Perry, Mark Tatchell and Ken Thompson

Modelling short-rotation coppice and tree planting for urban carbon management – a citywide analysis
Nicola McHugh, Jill L. Edmondson, Kevin J. Gaston, Jonathan R. Leake and Odhran S. O'Sullivan

FORUM: Effective management of ecological resilience – are we there yet?
Bryan M. Spears, Stephen C. Ives, David G. Angeler, Craig R. Allen, Sebastian Birk, Laurence Carvalho, Stephen Cavers, Francis Daunt, R. Daniel Morton, Michael J. O. Pocock, Glenn Rhodes and Stephen J. Thackeray

PRACTITIONER'S PERSPECTIVE: Science, statistics and surveys: a herpetological perspective
Richard A. Griffiths, Jim Foster, John W. Wilkinson and David Sewell

Three-dimensional tracking of a wide-ranging marine predator: flight heights and vulnerability to offshore wind farms
Ian R. Cleasby, Ewan D. Wakefield, Stuart Bearhop, Thomas W. Bodey, Stephen C. Votier and Keith C. Hamer

Extreme precipitation reduces reproductive output of an endangered raptor
Ryan J. Fisher, Troy I. Wellicome, Erin M. Bayne, Ray G. Poulin, L. Danielle Todd and Adam T. Ford

The potential for fungal biopesticides to reduce malaria transmission under diverse environmental conditions
Rebecca L. Heinig, Krijn P. Paaijmans, Penelope A. Hancock and Matthew B. Thomas

Ecological traits affect the sensitivity of bees to land-use pressures in European agricultural landscapes
Adriana De Palma, Michael Kuhlmann, Stuart P.M. Roberts, Simon G. Potts, Luca Börger, Lawrence N. Hudson, Igor Lysenko, Tim Newbold and Andy Purvis

Managing more than the mean: using quantile regression to identify factors related to large elk groups
Angela Brennan, Paul C. Cross and Scott Creel

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