Virtual Issue: Authors in Asia

January 2016

In recognition of the increasing number of submissions to and publications in the Journal of Applied Ecology from authors based in Asia, we have compiled a Virtual Issue of papers from authors in Asia published in the Journal over the last few years. The Virtual Issue highlights a number of key areas including applied ecology in an era of rapid change, managing the impacts of land use change, the science of healthy ecosystems, reducing human-wildlife conflicts and managing species. The papers listed here will be freely available to read until March 2016.

To accompany this Virtual Issue you can find a series of related blog posts on the Applied Ecologist’s blog.


Applied ecology in an era of rapid change

Price of prosperity: economic development and biological conservation in China
Fangliang He

Applied ecology in India: scope of science and policy to meet contemporary environmental and socio-ecological challenges
Navinder J. Singh and Sumanta Bagchi

REVIEW: China's transboundary waters: new paradigms for water and ecological security through applied ecology
Daming He, Ruidong Wu1, Yan Feng1, Yungang Li1, Chengzhi Ding1, Wenling Wang1 and Douglas W. Yu


Managing impacts of land use change

The ecology and economics of shorebird conservation in a tropical human-modified landscape
Jonathan M. H. Green, Siriya Sripanomyom, Xingli Giam and David S. Wilcove

Land abandonment and intensification diminish spatial and temporal β-diversity of grassland plants and herbivorous insects within paddy terraces
Kei Uchida and Atushi Ushimaru

Partial recovery of a tropical rain forest a half-century after clear-cut and selective logging
Han Xu, Yide Li, Shirong Liu, Runguo Zang, Fangliang He and John R. Spence

Chinese Loess Plateau vegetation since the Last Glacial Maximum and its implications for vegetation restoration
Wenying Jiang, Yufen Cheng, Xiaoxiao Yang and Shiling Yang

Simultaneous declines in summer survival of three shorebird species signals a flyway at risk
Theunis Piersma, Tamar Lok, Ying Chen, Chris J. Hassell, Hong-Yan Yang, Adrian Boyle, Matt Slaymaker, Ying-Chi Chan, David S. Melville, Zheng-Wang Zhang and Zhijun Ma


The science of healthy ecosystems

Subordinate plants sustain the complexity and stability of soil micro-food webs in natural bamboo forest ecosystems
Yuanhu Shao, Xiaoli Wang, Jie Zhao, Jianping Wu, Weixin Zhang, Deborah A. Neher, Yanxia Li, Yiping Lou and Shenglei Fu

Seedling establishment in a dynamic sedimentary environment: a conceptual framework using mangroves
Thorsten Balke, Edward L. Webb, Eva van den Elzen, Demis Galli, Peter M. J. Herman and Tjeerd J. Bouma

Vulnerability of moorland plant communities to environmental change: consequences of realistic species loss on functional diversity
Takehiro Sasaki, Masatoshi Katabuchi, Chiho Kamiyama, Masaya Shimazaki, Tohru Nakashizuka and Kouki Hikosaka

Understanding the effects of a new grazing policy: the impact of seasonal grazing on shrub demography in the Inner Mongolian steppe
Shou-Li Li, Fei-Hai Yu, Marinus J. A. Werger, Ming Dong, Satu Ramula and Pieter A. Zuidema

Reducing soil erosion by improving community functional diversity in semi-arid grasslands
Huoxing Zhu, Bojie Fu, Shuai Wang, Linhai Zhu, Liwei Zhang, Lei Jiao and Cong Wang


Reducing human-wildlife conflicts

People, predators and perceptions: patterns of livestock depredation by snow leopards and wolves
Kulbhushansingh R. Suryawanshi, Yash Veer Bhatnagar, Stephen Redpath and Charudutt Mishra

Can community outreach alleviate poaching pressure and recover wildlife in South-East Asian protected areas?
Robert Steinmetz, Surasak Srirattanaporn, Jirati Mor-Tip and Naret Seuaturien

EDITOR'S CHOICE: Safeguarding Sumatran tigers: evaluating effectiveness of law enforcement patrols and local informant networks
Matthew Linkie, Deborah J. Martyr, Abishek Harihar, Dian Risdianto, Rudijanta T. Nugraha, Maryati, Nigel Leader-Williams and Wai-Ming Wong


Managing species

Interview-based sighting histories can inform regional conservation prioritization for highly threatened cryptic species
Samuel T. Turvey, Cao Tien Trung, Vo Dai Quyet, Hoang Van Nhu, Do Van Thoai, Vo Cong Anh Tuan, Dang Thi Hoa, Kouvang Kacha, Thongsay Sysomphone, Sousakhone Wallate, Chau Thi Thanh Hai, Nguyen Van Thanh and Nicholas M. Wilkinson

A basin-scale application of environmental DNA assessment for rare endemic species and closely related exotic species in rivers: a case study of giant salamanders in Japan
Sou Fukumoto, Atushi Ushimaru and Toshifumi Minamoto

Reconstruction and prediction of invasive mongoose population dynamics from history of introduction and management: a Bayesian state-space modelling approach
Keita Fukasawa, Takuma Hashimoto, Masaya Tatara and Shintaro Abe


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