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April 2017
Editor's Choice: Optimizing the use of species distribution maps for planning new protected areas

Selected paper: Limitations and trade-offs in the use of species distribution maps for protected area planning

February 2017
Editor's Choice: A new tool for rapid eradication assessment

Selected paper: Optimizing confirmation of invasive species eradication with rapid eradication assessment


December 2016
Editor's Choice: Improving our ability to detect the effects of roads on fish movements

Selected paper: Assessing the detectability of road crossing effects in streams: mark–recapture sampling designs under complex fish movement behaviours

October 2016
Editor's Choice: Farmland bird conservation: out with the new, in with the old

Selected paper: Villages and their old farmsteads are hot spots of bird diversity in agricultural landscapes

August 2016
Editor's Choice: The importance of top–down control for forests of the sea

Selected paper: Top-down control as important as nutrient enrichment for eutrophication effects in North Atlantic coastal ecosystems

June 2016
Editor's Choice: Legacies of human impacts in the Arctic

Selected paper: Sixty-year legacy of human impacts on a high Arctic ecosystem


April 2016
Editor's Choice: The case of the coho salmon

Selected paper: Coho salmon spawner mortality in western US urban watersheds: bioinfiltration prevents lethal storm water impacts


February 2016
Editor's Choice: The price of a dedicated farmland indicator

Selected paper: How much would it cost to monitor farmland biodiversity in Europe?


December 2015
Editor's Choice: How can pollination be enhanced for optimal fruit set?

Selected paper: REVIEW: Trait matching of flower visitors and crops predicts fruit set better than trait diversity

October 2015
Editor's Choice: How should we structure garden plantings to promote pollinator diversity and abundance?

Selected paper: Enhancing gardens as habitats for flower-visiting aerial insects (pollinators): should we plant native or exotic species?

August 2015
Editor's Choice: How science can influence conservation action - law enforcement strategies to protect the Sumatran tiger

Selected paper: Safeguarding Sumatran tigers: evaluating effectiveness of law enforcement patrols and local informant networks

June 2015
Editor's Choice: Habitat restoration to support more specialized pollinators

Selected paper: Small-scale restoration in intensive agricultural landscapes supports more specialized and less mobile pollinator species

April 2015
Editor's Choice: Using science to identify the real issues

Selected paper: Competition on the range: science vs. perception in a bison–cattle conflict in the western USA


February 2015
Editor's Choice: Silent Spring redux? Insecticides cascade up a food chain to poison carnivores

Selected paper: Neonicotinoid insecticide travels through a soil food chain, disrupting biological control of non-target pests and decreasing soya bean yield

December 2014
Editor's Choice: Effects of land use on plant diversity

Selected paper: Effects of land use on plant diversity – A global meta-analysis

October 2014
Editor's Choice: Land-sparing and land-sharing in context

Selected paper: Surrounding habitats mediate the trade-off between land-sharing and land-sparing agriculture in the tropics

August 2014
Editor's Choice: Reintroducing animals with complex life histories

Selected paper: Optimal release strategies for cost-effective reintroductions

June 2014
Editor's Choice: Harvesting mahogany for life

Selected paper: Big-leaf mahogany Swietenia macrophylla population dynamics and implications for sustainable management

April 2014
Editor's Choice: Sourcing propagules to achieve current and future restoration objectives

Selected paper: Application of genetic diversity–ecosystem function research to ecological restoration.

February 2014
Editor's Choice: Managing for stepping stone habitats to facilitate species range expansion - generalized network models lead the way

Selected paper: Stepping stones are crucial for species' long-distance dispersal and range expansion through habitat networks

December 2013
Editor's Choice: Facing up to climate change at the edge of the world - new hope for the hihi

Selected paper: Saving the hihi under climate change: a case for assisted colonization

October 2013
Editor's Choice: Management for desired restoration outcomes

Selected paper: Confronting contingency in restoration: management and site history determine outcomes of assembling prairies, but site characteristics and landscape context have little effect

August 2013
Editor’s Choice: Ecosystem based fisheries management: linking existing models to form a practical decision support tool

 Selected paper: Evaluating marine spatial closures with conflicting fisheries and conservation objectives

June 2013
Editor’s Choice: Restoring degraded drylands: “the devil is the detail”, but can solutions lie with a generic systems approach?

Selected paper: A systems approach to restoring degraded drylands

April 2013
Editor's Choice: Selecting among conservation strategies in a changing world

Selected paper: Comparing habitat configuration strategies for retaining biodiversity under climate change

February 2013
Editor's Choice: Macroecological patterns of disease outbreak for aquaculture

Selected Paper: More rapid and severe disease outbreaks for aquaculture at the tropics: implications for food security

December 2012
Editor's Choice: Tools for integrating climate change adaptation into conservation planning

Selected paper: A decision framework for considering climate change adaptation in biodiversity conservation planning

October 2012
Editor's Choice: The biodiversity audit approach

Selected paper: The biodiversity audit approach challenges regional priorities and identifies a mismatch in conservation

August 2012
Editor's Choice: Monitoring and evaluating the ecological impact of agri-environment schemes

 Selected paper: Landscape-scale responses of birds to agri-environment management: a test of the English Environmental Stewardship scheme

June 2012
Editor's Choice: Identifying Habitat for Endangered Species: Making Habitat Selection Models More Realistic

Selected paper: Multi-level functional responses for wildlife conservation: the case of threatened caribou in managed boreal forests

April 2012
Editor's Choice: Towards understanding the population-level effects of wind farms on birds

Selected paper: Greater impacts of wind farms on bird populations during construction than subsequent operation: results of a multi-site and multi-species analysis.

February 2012
Editor's Choice: Predators also live in landscapes of fear

Selected paper: Behavioural adjustments of a large carnivore to access secondary prey in a human-dominated landscape

December 2011
Editor's Choice: The impact of small-scale fisheries on non-target marine organisms

Selected paper: Small-scale fisheries of Peru: a major sink for marine turtles in the Pacific

October 2011
Editor’s Choice: Urban ecosystem services

Selected paper: Mapping an urban ecosystem service: quantifying above-ground carbon storage at a city-wide scale


August 2011
Editor's Choice: Harnessing ecosystem services to enhance agricultural sustainability

Selected paper:National-scale regulation of the weed seedbank by carabid predators

June 2011
Editor's Choice: Technological developments and their associated opportunities in animal ecology: microphone arrays as an example

Selected paper: Acoustic monitoring in terrestrial environments using microphone arrays: applications, technological considerations and prospectus.

April 2011
Editor's Choice: Do ecosystem services depend on biodiversity? Evidence from communal lands in Namibia

Selected paper: Effect of biodiversity on economic benefits from communal lands in Namibia

February 2011
Editor's Choice: Action versus Research

Selected paper: Optimising search strategies for invasive pests: learn before you leap


December 2010
Editor's Choice: Linking modelling, monitoring and management

Selected paper: Linking modelling, monitoring and management: an integrated approach to controlling overabundant wildlife


October 2010
Editor's Choice: Assessing the risks of the spread of avian influenza through long-distance bird migration

Selected paper: Potential spread of highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 by wildfowl: dispersal ranges and rates determined from large-scale satellite telemetry

August 2010
Editor's Choice: Cadmium pollution triggers a positive biodiversity-productivity relationship

Selected paper: Cadmium pollution triggers a positive biodiversity-productivity relationship: evidence from a laboratory microcosm experiment

June 2010
Editor's Choice: Challenges in Reintroducing Carnivores

Selected paper: Evaluating the lynx reintroduction programme in Colorado: patterns in mortality

April 2010
Editor's Choice: Habitat offsets in the face of agricultural intensification: why ’business as usual’ banking does not work

Selected paper: Can offsets really compensate for habitat removal? The case of the endangered red-tailed black-cockatoo

February 2010
Editor's Choice: The efficacy of ecological restoration

Selected paper: Spontaneous succession in limestone quarries as an effective restoration tool for endangered arthropods and plants

December 2009
Editor's Choice: Predicting invader success requires integrating ecological and land-use patterns

Selected paper: Interacting effects of management and environmental variability at multiple scales on invasive species distributions

October 2009
Editor's Choice: Landscape-level vegetation recovery from herbivory

Selected paper: Landscape-level vegetation recovery from herbivory: progress after four decades of invasive red deer control 

August 2009
Editor's Choice: Assessing biodiversity by remote sensing in mountainous terrain

Selected paper: Assessing biodiversity by remote sensing in mountainous terrain: the potential of LiDAR to predict forest beetle assemblages

June 2009
Editor's Choice: Modelling disease–coral dynamics as a way to understand long-term coral reef persistence

Selected paper: Disease dynamics in marine metapopulations: modelling infectious diseases on coral reefs

April 2009
Editor's choice: Where the buffalo roam – bison and brucellosis in Yellowstone

Selected paper: Wildlife–livestock conflict: the risk of pathogen transmission from bison to cattle outside Yellowstone National Park

February 2009
Editor's choice: Unintended trophic cascades from feral cat eradication

Selected paper: Indirect effects of invasive species removal devastate World Heritage Island 

 December 2008
Editor's choice: New research on wind farms

Selected paper: Minimal effects of wind turbines on the distribution of wintering farmland birds

October 2008
Editor's Choice

Selected paper: Thresholds in landscape connectivity and mortality risks in response to growing road networks

August 2008
Editor's Choice

Selected paper: Can oil palm plantations be made more hospitable for forest butterflies and birds?

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