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In the News

17 August - Villages and their old farmsteads are hot spots of bird diversity in agricultural landscapes. Paper by Zuzanna Rosin and colleagues is featured by iNews and Science Daily.

17 August - Optimizing confirmation of invasive species eradication with rapid eradication assessment. Paper by James Russell and colleagues is featured by the New Zealand Herald and National Geographic.

11 August - Spatial targeting of habitat creation has the potential to improve agri-environment scheme outcomes for macro-moths. Paper by Jamie Alison and colleagues is fetaured on Newswise and Science Daily.

29 July - Measuring the success of reforestation for restoring biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. Paper by Mia Derhé and colleagues is featured by Science Daily.

28 July - Using reef fish movement to inform marine reserve design. Paper by Rebecca Weeks and colleagues is featured by EurekAlert.

8 July - Species and population diversity in Pacific salmon fisheries underpin indigenous food security. Paper by Holly Nesbitt and Jonathan Moore is featured by The Globe and Mail, Vancouver Sun, Simon Fraser University, The Province.

4 July - Weeds on the web: conflicting management advice about an invasive non-native plant. Paper by Beth Robinson and collagues is featured by EurekAlert, The Telegraph, BBC News, Science Codex.

29 June - Herbicide usage for invasive non-native plant management in wildland areas of North America. Paper by Viktoria Wagner and colleagues is featured by UPI, EurekAlert, Missoulian, takepart, cantech letter, Char-Koosta News, Billings Gazette, Independent Record.

21 June - Species distribution models predict rare species occurrences despite significant effects of landscape context. Paper by J.L. McCune is featured by Guelph Mercury Tribune, Guelph Now, The Record.

21 June - Waterfowl populations are resilient to immediate and lagged impacts of wildfires in the boreal forest. Paper by Tyler Lewis and colleagues is featured by USGS.

8 June - Does hunting or hiking affect wildlife communities in protected areas? Paper by Roland Kays and colleagues is featured on Scientific American,, Science Daily and WUNC.

6 June - How persistent are the impacts of logging roads on Central African forest vegetation? Paper by Fritz Kleinschroth and colleagues is featured on The Conversation.

25 May - Population dynamics of an invasive forest insect and associated natural enemies in the aftermath of invasion: implications for biological control. Paper by Jian Duan and colleagues is featured in AgResearch Magazine.

25 May - Impacts of environmental filters on functional redundancy in riparian vegetation. Paper by Daniel Bruno and colleagues is fetured on Science Daily.

17 May - Using camera trapping and hierarchical occupancy modelling to evaluate the spatial ecology of an African mammal community. Paper by Lindsey Rich and colleagues is featured on The Guardian - The Week in Wildlife, Science Daily, The Canary and A Nature Research Highlight is available here: Camera traps may aid conservation.

16 May - Evaluating citizen versus professional data for modelling distributions of a rare squirrel. Paper by Courtney Tye and colleagues is featured on Science Daily.

25 April - Potential threat to Eurasian griffon vultures in Spain from veterinary use of the drug diclofenac. Paper by Rhys Green and colleagues is featured on Nature News, Scientific American, BirdLife International, Earth Times and Digital Journal.

23 April - Do space-for-time assessments underestimate the impacts of logging on tropical biodiversity? An Amazonian case study using dung beetles. Paper by Filipe Franca and colleagues is featured on Oxford Virtual, Lancaster University, Ecology for a crowded planet,, HNGN, Science Daily and more.

22 April - Reconciling recreational use and conservation values in a coastal protected area. Paper by Madeleine Stigner and colleagues is featured on

19 April - Roads increase population growth rates of a native leaf-cutter ant in Neotropical savannahs. Paper by Ernane Vieira-Neto and colleagues is featured on Mongabay and UF News.

15 April - Modest enhancements to conventional grassland diversity improve the provision of pollination services. Paper by Katherine Orford and colleagues is featured on Science for Environmental Policy - Increasing grassland species improves pollination and may impact on crop yields.

14 April - Catfish face migration barriers. Nature Research Highlight on paper from Fabrice Duponchelle and colleagues Trans-Amazonian natal homing in giant catfish. Also featured on Mongabay.

6 April - Ants as tools in sustainable agriculture. Paper by Joachim Offenberg is featured in BBC article Ants deployed to help Danish fruit farmers.

24 March - Recent USU Grad Receives Top Honor from British Ecological Society

23 March - Human–wildlife conflict, benefit sharing and the survival of lions in pastoralist community-based conservancies. Paper by Sara Blackburn and colleagues is featured on The Conversation.

15 March - Demography of the critically endangered Balearic shearwater: the impact of fisheries and time to extinction. Paper by Meritxell Genovart and colleagues is featured on BBC online.

11 March - Male-killing bacteria as agents of insect pest control. Paper by Luděk Berec and colleagues is featured on the Washington Post.

12 February - Effects of water level and grassland management on alpha and beta diversity of birds in restored wetlands. Paper by Żmihorski and colleagues is featured on Science for Environmental Policy - Wetland biodiversity is supported by temporary flooding and sustainable grazing.

18 December - An introduced parasitic fly may lead to local extinction of Darwin's finch populations by Jennifer Koop and colleagues is featured by The Telegraph,, Smithsonian Magazine, and BBC online.

16 December 2015 - Initial disturbance intensity affects recovery rates and successional divergence on abandoned ski slopes by Jennifer Burt and Jeffrey Clary is featured by UC Davis and The Davis Enterprise.

18 November 2015 - Supporting local diversity of habitats and species on farmland: a comparison of three wildlife-friendly schemes by Chloe Hardman and colleagues is featured in the Guardian.

6 November 2015 - How much would it cost to monitor farmland biodiversity in Europe? Paper by Ilse Geijzendorffer and colleagues is featured on Conservation Magazine, and Nature World News.

4 November 2015 - Do early warning indicators consistently predict nonlinear change in long-term ecological data? Paper by Sarah Burthe and colleagues and FORUM: Effective management of ecological resilience – are we there yet? Paper by Bryan Spears and colleagues are featured on CEH News.

3 November 2015 - Riparian tree cover enhances the resistance and stability of woodland bird communities during an extreme climatic event. Paper by Dale Nimmo and colleagues is featured on The Sydney Morning Herald.

2 November 2015 - Trait-related responses to habitat fragmentation in Amazonian bats. Paper by Fábio Farneda and collegues is featured on Mongabay.

29 October 2015 - Effects of seal predation on a modelled marine fish community and consequences for a commercial fishery. Paper by Jennifer Houle and colleagues is featured on The Fish Site, Afloat and The Irish Times.

27 October 2015 - Response of mountain Picea abies forests to stand-replacing bark beetle outbreaks: neighbourhood effects lead to self-replacement. Paper by Thorsten Zeppenfeld and colleagues is featured on Radio Prague.

9 October 2015 - Coho salmon spawner mortality in western US urban watersheds: bioinfiltration prevents lethal storm water impacts. Paper by Julann Spromberg and colleagues is featured on Scientific American, UPI, NYC Today, The Seattle Times, The Washington Times and many more.

8 October 2015 - Demographic effects of full vs. partial protection from harvesting: inference from an empirical before–after control-impact study on Atlantic cod. Paper by Fernández-Chacón and colleagues is featured on Science for Environmental Policy - Marine protected areas increase survival of Atlantic cod.

8 October 2015 - REVIEW: Quantifying urban ecosystem services based on high-resolution data of urban green space: an assessment for Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Paper by Marthe Derkzen, Astrid van Teeffelen & Peter Verburg is featured on Science for Environmental Policy - Quantifying the ecosystem services provided by urban green spaces.

28 September - Three-dimensional tracking of a wide-ranging marine predator: flight heights and vulnerability to offshore wind farms. Paper by Ian Cleasby and colleagues is featured on BBC News, The Telegraph, The Scotsman, The National.

25 September - Plant functional traits in agroecosystems: a blueprint for research. Paper by Adam Martin and Marney Isaac is featured on

3 September - High-nature-value grasslands have the capacity to cope with nutrient impoverishment induced by mowing and livestock grazing. Paper by Pavla Mládková and colleagues is featured on Science for Environmental Policy - High-nature-value grasslands can be maintained by alternating between mowing and grazing.

31 August - Ants as tools in sustainable agriculture. Review by Joachim Offenberg is featured in Science, The Independent, Mother Nature Network, Care2.

11 August - Enhancing gardens as habitats for flower-visiting aerial insects (pollinators): should we plant native or exotic species? Paper by Andrew Salisbury, James Armitage, Helen Bostock, Joe Perry, Mark Tatchell and Ken Thompson is featured on, Horticulture Week, The Telegraph.

11 August - Priority threat management of non-native plants to maintain ecosystem integrity across heterogeneous landscapes. Paper by Jennifer Firn et al. is featured on The Conversation,

19 July - Real-time anti-poaching tags could help prevent imminent species extinctions. Paper by Paul O'Donoghue & Christian Rutz is featured on CNET,, R&D Magazine, E&T Magazine.

2 July - Endangered Florida panther population size determined from public reports of motor vehicle collision mortalities. Paper by Brett McClintock, Dave Onorato & Julien Martin is featured in Nature Research Highlights.

29 June - Using spatial analyses of bearded vulture movements in southern Africa to inform wind turbine placement. Paper by Tim Reid and colleagues is featured on BBC World Service, The Guardian, The Conversation, Independent Online,

4 June - Ark or park: the need to predict relative effectiveness of ex situ and in situ conservation before attempting captive breeding. Paper by Paul Dolman and colleagues is featured on on Earth, Wildlife News, Business Standard, The Statesman, Defenders of Wildlife.

28 May - FORUM: Perverse incentives risk undermining biodiversity offset policies. Paper by Ascelin Gordon and colleagues is featured on Science for Environmental Policy - Biodiversity offset policy: dangers that must be avoided.

20 May - Sound exposure in harbour seals during the installation of an offshore wind farm: predictions of auditory damage. Paper by Gordon Hastie et al. is featured on The Scotsman, Herald Scotland, Energy Voice, Techie News, Scotish Construction Now.

18 May - Grey seal predation impairs recovery of an over-exploited fish stock. Paper by Robin Cook, Steven Holmes & Robert Fryer is featured on BBC News, The Telegraph, The Scotsman, The Courier, Tech Times and NY City News.

28 April -The importance of spinner dolphin (Stenella longirostris) resting habitat: implications for management. Paper by Julian Tyne et al. is featured on Science Network Western Australia

22 April - Convention of Migratory Species to set up a working group on fencing issues as a response to Developing fencing policies for dryland ecosystems. The paper is also featured on National Geographic and

24 March - Bridging the gap between biodiversity data and policy reporting needs: An Essential Biodiversity Variables perspective. Paper by Ilse Geijzendorffer is the subject of a EU BON Policy Brief.

6 February 2015 - Spotlights flip the switch on an evolutionary arms race. The paper by Corneile Minnaar et al. is featured in Nature News.

3 February 2015 - Restricting access to invasion hubs enables sustained control of an invasive vertebrate. Paper by Mike Letnic et al. is featured on BBC News, PhysOrg, The Sydney Morning Herald, and ABC Science, amongst others.

26 January 2015 - Competition on the range: science vs. perception in a bison–cattle conflict in the western USA. Paper by Dustin Ranglack, Susan Durham and Johan du Toit is featured in The Salt Lake Tribune, the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, High Country News, PhysOrg and The Herald Journal

19 January 2015 - Emerging viral disease risk to pollinating insects: ecological, evolutionary and anthropogenic factors. Paper by Robyn Manley, Mike Boots and Lena Wilfert is featured on BBC News and PhysOrg

13 October - Is Great Britain heading for a Ponto–Caspian invasional meltdown? Paper by Gallardo & Aldridge is featured on BBC NewsThe Independent, Daily Mail, and The Guardian, amongst others.

25 September - Boring invaders held at the border. The paper by Rassati et al. is featured in Nature.

12 August - Using ecology to solve the conflict arising from hen harrier predation on grouse. Lots of coverage from the paper by Baines et al. including BBC Farming Today, The Scotsman, ITV and South Wales Guardian

28 April 2013 - Soil report shows we should all grow more of our own - new paper by Edmondson et al. featured in the Telegraph.

12 March - Light pollution 'affects bats' tropical seed dispersal' BBC News features the article by Lewanzik & Voigt

4 March 2014 - BEEHAVE: a systems model of honeybee colony dynamics by Becher et al. was featured in Farmers Guardian and Horticulture Week

4 February 2014 - Review article on the effects of organic farming on biodiversity by Tuck et al. is highlighted in Farmers Weekly

20 January 2014 - The paper on impact of pesticides on worker bee size by Baron, Raine & Brown was featured in The Guardian, Farmers Weekly, ITV, and the Evening Standard, among others.

24 December 2013 - Nature News reported that Charismatic mammals can help guide conservation from the paper by Di Minin & Moilanen

5 September - Saving the hihi under climate change: a case for assisted colonization is featured on PhysOrg, Science Daily and All Voices.

18 July -  Trojan hives paper by Graystock et al. gets a lot of coverage in the press: BBC News, Daily Telegraph and The Guardian among others.

3 July - Paper by Bellamy et al. featured on BBC News "Maps offer insight into UK bat distribution" on Wired and Futurity.

14 June - The review by Goulson is reported by BBC news "Banned pesticides may be having wider environmental impacts" and the Telegraph "Neonicotinoids harm birds and soil"

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