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In the News

6 February 2015 - Spotlights flip the switch on an evolutionary arms race. The paper by Corneile Minnaar et al. is featured in Nature News.

3 February 2015 - Restricting access to invasion hubs enables sustained control of an invasive vertebrate. Paper by Mike Letnic et al. is featured on BBC News, PhysOrg, The Sydney Morning Herald, and ABC Science, amongst others.

26 January 2015 - Competition on the range: science vs. perception in a bison–cattle conflict in the western USA. Paper by Dustin Ranglack, Susan Durham and Johan du Toit is featured in The Salt Lake Tribune, the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, High Country News, PhysOrg and The Herald Journal

19 January 2015 - Emerging viral disease risk to pollinating insects: ecological, evolutionary and anthropogenic factors. Paper by Robyn Manley, Mike Boots and Lena Wilfert is featured on BBC News and PhysOrg

13 October - Is Great Britain heading for a Ponto–Caspian invasional meltdown? Paper by Gallardo & Aldridge is featured on BBC NewsThe Independent, Daily Mail, and The Guardian, amongst others.

25 September - Boring invaders held at the border. The paper by Rassati et al. is featured in Nature.

12 August - Using ecology to solve the conflict arising from hen harrier predation on grouse. Lots of coverage from the paper by Baines et al. including BBC Farming Today, The Scotsman, ITV and South Wales Guardian

28 April 2013 - Soil report shows we should all grow more of our own - new paper by Edmondson et al. featured in the Telegraph.

12 March - Light pollution 'affects bats' tropical seed dispersal' BBC News features the article by Lewanzik & Voigt

4 March 2014 - BEEHAVE: a systems model of honeybee colony dynamics by Becher et al. was featured in Farmers Guardian and Horticulture Week

4 February 2014 - Review article on the effects of organic farming on biodiversity by Tuck et al. is highlighted in Farmers Weekly

20 January 2014 - The paper on impact of pesticides on worker bee size by Baron, Raine & Brown was featured in The Guardian, Farmers Weekly, ITV, and the Evening Standard, among others.

24 December 2013 - Nature News reported that Charismatic mammals can help guide conservation from the paper by Di Minin & Moilanen

5 September - Saving the hihi under climate change: a case for assisted colonization is featured on PhysOrg, Science Daily and All Voices.

18 July -  Trojan hives paper by Graystock et al. gets a lot of coverage in the press: BBC News, Daily Telegraph and The Guardian among others.

3 July - Paper by Bellamy et al. featured on BBC News "Maps offer insight into UK bat distribution" on Wired and Futurity.

14 June - The review by Goulson is reported by BBC news "Banned pesticides may be having wider environmental impacts" and the Telegraph "Neonicotinoids harm birds and soil"

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Faculty of 1000 reviews:
Competition on the range: science vs. perception in a bison-cattle conflict in the western USA.
Building the evidence base for ecological impact assessment and mitigation. (Practitioner's Perspective)
A modified matrix model to describe the seasonal population ecology of the European tick Ixodes ricinus


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