Special Feature: Model-assisted monitoring of biodiversity

Edited by João Honrado, Henrique Pereira and Antoine Guisan

October 2016

The Model-assisted monitoring of biodiversity Special Feature includes papers that represent a starting point to fill existing gaps and pave some ways towards fostering integration between biodiversity monitoring and modelling.


Fostering integration between biodiversity monitoring and modelling
João Honrado, Henrique Pereira Antoine Guisan

Standard paper
Systematic site selection for multispecies monitoring networks
Silvia Carvalho, João Gonçalves, Antoine Guisan and João Honrado

Standard paper
Cost-effective monitoring of biological invasions under global change: a model-based framework
Joana Vicente, Diogo Alagador, Carlos Guerra, Joaquim Alonso, Christoph Kueffer, Ana Vaz, Rui Fernandes, João Cabral, Miguel Araújo and João Honrado

Standard paper
Evaluating the regional cumulative impact of wind farms on birds: how can spatially explicit dynamic modelling improve impact assessments and monitoring?
Rita Bastos, Ana Pinhanços, Mário Santos, Rui Fernandes, Joana Vicente, Francisco Morinha, João Honrado, Paulo Travassos, Paulo Barros and João A. Cabral

Standard paper
Bridging the gap between biodiversity data and policy reporting needs: An Essential Biodiversity Variables perspective
Ilse Geijzendorffer, Eugenie Regan, Henrique Pereira, Lluis Brotons, Neil Brummitt, Yoni Gavish, Peter Haase, Corinne Martin, Jean-Baptiste Mihoub, Cristina Secades, Dirk Schmeller, Stefan Stoll, Florian Wetzel and Michele Walters

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