Special Feature: Quantifying Resilience

Edited by David Angeler and Craig Allen

June 2016

The Quantifying Resilience Special Feature includes a number of papers that complement and expand on current quantitative approaches in resilience research, covering mainly the ecological but also the social sciences and combined social-ecological systems, as well as providing in the Editorial a much needed list of definitions of terms commonly used in resilience science and theory.

The Special Feature is arranged to cover aspects of quantifying ecological resilience in a variety of systems, and includes assessing leading indicators of regime shifts, linkages between ecological scaling, complexity theory, management and conservation. The systems covered are broad and include coral reefs, streams, lakes, coastal habitats, forests, and a combined social-ecological system dealing with ostrich farming. The feature begins with papers that focus on assessing the resilience of particular contexts and systems, and broadens from there.

Quantifying resilience
David Angeler and Craig Allen

Quantifying spatial resilience
Craig Allen, David Angeler, Graeme Cumming, Carl Folke, Dirac Twidwell and Daniel Uden

Standard paper
Quantifying network resilience: comparison before and after a major perturbation shows strengths and limitations of network metrics
Christine Moore, John Grewar and Graeme S. Cumming

Standard paper
Herbivore cross-scale redundancy supports response diversity and promotes coral reef resilience
Kirsty L. Nash, Nicholas A. J. Graham, Simon Jennings, Shaun K. Wilson and David R. Bellwood

Searching for resilience: addressing the impacts of changing disturbance regimes on forest ecosystem services
Rupert Seidl, Thomas A. Spies, David L. Peterson, Scott L. Stephens and Jeffrey A. Hicke

Standard paper
Managing for resilience: an information theory-based approach to assessing ecosystems
Tarsha Eason, Ahjond S. Garmestani, Craig A. Stow, Carmen Rojo, Miguel Alvarez-Cobelas and Heriberto Cabezas

Standard Paper
Do early warning indicators consistently predict nonlinear change in long-term ecological data?
Sarah J. Burthe, Peter A. Henrys, Eleanor B. Mackay, Bryan M. Spears, Ronald Campbell, Laurence Carvalho, Bernard Dudley, Iain D. M. Gunn, David G. Johns, Stephen C. Maberly, Linda May, Mark A. Newell, Sarah Wanless, Ian J. Winfield, Stephen J. Thackeray and Francis Daunt

Standard Paper
Measuring and assessing resilience: broadening understanding through multiple disciplinary perspectives
Allyson E. Quinlan, Marta Berbés-Blázquez, L. Jamila Haider and Garry D. Peterson

Management applications of discontinuity theory
David G. Angeler, Craig R. Allen, Chris Barichievy, Tarsha Eason, Ahjond S. Garmestani, Nicholas A. J. Graham, Dean Granholm, Lance H. Gunderson, Melinda Knutson, Kirsty L. Nash, R. John Nelson, Magnus Nyström, Trisha L. Spanbauer, Craig A. Stow and Shana M. Sundstrom

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