Recognition of Achievement for a Research Paper

 Recognition of Achievement for a Research Paper is an award presented to the corresponding author of the most highly cited paper in the BES journals for the past 5 years.

The British Ecological Society has an international reputation for publishing high-quality ecological research. Annually it publishes many papers that go on to be highly cited in the scientific literature and this award has been introduced to acknowledge authors whose papers have been particularly well cited.

Journal of Applied Ecology

    Awarded to Dr Regula Billeter in 2014 for her paper
    Indicators for biodiversity in agricultural landscapes:
    a pan-European study

    Co-authored with Jaan Liira, Debra Bailey, Rob Bugter,
    Paul Arens, Isabelle Augenstein, Stephanie Aviron,
    Jacques Baudry, Roman Bukacek, Francoise Burel,
    Marten Cerny, Geert De Blust, Raphael De Cock,
Tim Diekötter, Hansjoerg Dietz, Jolanda Dirksen, Carsten Dormann, Walter Durka, Mark Frenzel, Roman Hamersky, Frederik Hendrickx, Felix Herzog, Stefan Klotz, Beno Koolstra,
Angela Lausch, Didier Le Coeur, Jean-Pierre Maelfait, Paul Opdam,
Martina Roubalova, Agnes Schermann, Nicolas Schermann, Thomas Schmidt,
Oliver Schweiger, Mary Smulders, Marjan Speelmans, Petra Simova, Jana Verboom,
Walter Van Wingerden, Martin Zobel, and Peter Edwards
(Journal of Applied Ecology, 45: 141–150).

Dr Billeter and colleagues conclude that indicator taxa are unlikely to provide an effective means of predicting biodiversity at a large spatial scale, especially where there is large biogeographical variation in species richness. However, a small list of landscape and land-use parameters can be used in agricultural landscapes to infer large-scale patterns of species richness. Their results suggest that to halt the loss of biodiversity in these landscapes, it is important to preserve and, if possible, increase the area of semi-natural habitat.

Regula Billeter is a plant ecologist interested in varying aspects of biodiversity, vegetation dynamics and climate change. She was awarded her PhD by the University of Zurich working on secondary succession in fens. For her postdoc on biodiversity in agricultural landscapes she joined the plant ecology group at ETH Zurich and continued to work there as senior scientist. Currently she is working at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences.




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