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Special Features are groups of papers with a common theme of topical relevance in ecology. The papers are reviewed by Guest Editors, who provide an editorial to set the context, highlight the key messages from the research included in the feature and show how it contributes to the field of applied ecology as a whole. These articles provide an overview of the issue for our readers and demonstrate how themes in applied ecology develop within the pages of the Journal over time.
We encourage authors to contact us with proposals for new Special Features. More details are provided in our Author Guidelines.

Special Feature: Forest biodiversity and ecosystem services
February 2017
Edited by Akira Mori, this Special Feature - Forest biodiversity and ecosystem services - focuses on the potential of research in this subject area. The studies include field-based work from different forests and ecological modelling of tropical, temperate, boreal and high-elevation forest landscapes.


Special Feature: Model-assisted monitoring of biodiversity
October 2016
Edited by João Honrado, Henrique Pereira and Antoine Guisan, this Special Feature - Model-assisted monitoring of biodiversity - includes papers that represent a starting point to fill existing gaps and pave some ways towards fostering integration between biodiversity monitoring and modelling.


Special Feature: Quantifying Resilience
June 2016
Edited by David Angeler and Craig Allen, this Special Feature - Quantifying Resilience - includes a number of papers that complement and expand on current quantitative approaches in resilience research, covering mainly the ecological but also the social sciences and combined social-ecological systems.


Special Feature: Demography Beyond the Population
April 2016
This exciting collaborative and interdisciplinary Special Feature integrates novel lines of research in the vast field of demography that directly interact with other ecological and evolutionary disciplines. The goal of the Special Feature - to highlight the interdisciplinary potential of demography - is further emphasised by the fact that its articles are spread among all six journals of the British Ecological Society. Our goal is to make aware both demographers and non-demographers alike that there is much to be gained by linking demography to other disciplines and scales in ecology and evolution.


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