Virtual Issue: Applied Ecology in Asia

Edited by: E J Milner-Gulland
APRIL 2009

A key strategic aim of the Journal of Applied Ecology is to increase both the authorship and readership of the journal from Asia, and we are working proactively to achieve this. This Virtual Issue showcases the excellent and wide-ranging nature of the applied ecological research from Asia that has been published in the journal over the last 5 years. It is published to coincide with a Special Profile on Challenges and prospects for applied ecology in China (issue 46:3, June 2009) and the Annual Meeting of the Society for Conservation Biology in Beijing in June 2009. We hope that this Virtual Issue provides the impetus for further and deeper engagement between the BES's journals and the scientists carrying out the most exciting and influential research in this region.

E J Milner-Gulland, Editor, Journal of Applied Ecology

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Positive linear relationship between productivity and diversity: evidence from the Eurasian Steppe
Yongfei Bai, Jianguo Wu, Qingmin Pan, Jianhui Huang, Qibing Wang, Fusheng Li, Alexander Buyantuyev and Xingguo Han

Demographic variation and population viability in a threatened Himalayan medicinal and aromatic herb Nardostachys grandiflora: matrix modelling of harvesting effects in two contrasting habitats
Suresh Kumar Ghimire, Olivier Gimenez, Roger Pradel, Doyle McKey and Yildiz Aumeeruddy-Thomas


Impacts of land use change on South-east Asian forest butterflies: a review
Lian Pin Koh

Impacts of rain forest fragmentation on butterflies in northern Borneo: species richness, turnover and the value of small fragments
S. Benedick, J. K. Hill, N. Mustaffa, V. K. Chey, M. Maryati, J. B. Searle, M. Schilthuizen And K. C. Hamer

Macrofungal diversity in fragmented and disturbed forests of the Western Ghats of India
Nick Brown, Shonil Bhagwat And Sarah Watkinson

Structure and conservation of Sri Lankan land-snail assemblages in fragmented lowland rainforest and village home gardens
D. C. Raheem, F. Naggs, R. C. Preece, Y. Mapatuna 4 , L. Kariyawasam and P. Eggleton

Can oil palm plantations be made more hospitable for forest butterflies and birds?
Lian Pin Koh


The impact of exotic trout on native charr in a Japanese stream
Kentaro Morita, Jun-Ichi Tsuboi and Hiroyuki Matsuda

Impacts of irrigation on fisheries in rain-fed rice-farming landscapes
Sophie Nguyen Khoa, Kai Lorenzen, Caroline Garaway, Bounthanom Chamsinhg, Darrell Siebert And Mauro Randone


Population dynamics and responses to management of plateau pikas Ochotona curzoniae
Roger P. Pech, Jiebu, Anthony D. Arthur, Zhang Yanming And Lin Hui

In search of forage: predicting dynamic habitats of Mongolian gazelles using satellite-based estimates of vegetation productivity
Thomas Mueller, Kirk A. Olson, Todd K. Fuller , George B. Schaller, Martyn G. Murray and Peter Leimgruber

Resource selection by sympatric wild equids in the Mongolian Gobi
P. Kaczensky, O. Ganbaatar , H. von Wehrden and C. Walzer

Competition between domestic livestock and wild bharal Pseudois nayaur in the Indian Trans-Himalaya
Charudutt Mishra, Sipke E. Van Wieren, Pieter Ketner, Ignas M. A. Heitkönig and Herbert H. T. Prins

Recovery of wild large herbivores following livestock decline in a tropical Indian wildlife reserve
M. D. Madhusudan


Assessing the viability of tiger subpopulations in a fragmented landscape
Matthew Linkie, Guillaume Chapron, Deborah J. Martyr, Jeremy Holden and Nigel Leader-Williams

Spatial viability analysis of Amur tiger Panthera tigris altaica in the Russian Far East: the role of protected areas and landscape matrix in population persistence
Carlos Carroll and Dale G. Miquelle

Modelling the habitat requirements of leopard Panthera pardus in west and central Asia
Alexander Gavashelishvili and Victor Lukarevskiy


Collapse of Asian vulture populations: risk of mortality from residues of the veterinary drug diclofenac in carcasses of treated cattle
Rhys E. Green, Mark A. Taggart, Devojit Das, Deborah J. Pain, C. Sashi Kumar, Andrew A. Cunningham and Richard Cuthbert

The potential impact of tourism development on habitat availability and productivity of Malaysian plovers Charadrius peronii
M. Yasué and P. Dearden

Predicting grazing damage by white-fronted geese under different regimes of agricultural management and the physiological consequences for the geese
Tatsuya Amano, Katsumi Ushiyama, Go Fujita and Hiroyoshi Higuchi

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